A protest was held Sunday morning at a hill in Orangeville to protest a ‘No tobogganing’ sign.

Dozens of people turned out for the ‘sled-in’ at Murray’s Mountain in Orangeville to protest the sign.

“I’ve been tobogganing on this hill almost my entire life and to think this is a place we can’t broke my heart,” said Amanda Olmstead.

A sign was posted back in 2009 after the town bought the land from the local school board and was told to do so by its insurance company over potential liability issues if someone was hurt. It wasn’t until the original sign was replaced last month that residents finally took notice and were outraged.

“It’s a liability thing and I get that and we’re just going to take the precautions and let the kids have fun,” says Allison Pavacic.

The sign is now missing and a handwritten not which reads ‘Save tobogganing’ is in its place.

Rob Stewart organized Sunday’s ‘sled-in’ and says the sign should be rephrased.

“The sign should say toboggan at your own risk. I think that’s reasonable. I don’t think anyone expects the town to liable.”

Orangeville Mayor Jeremy Williams was also at the ‘sled-in’ on Sunday and says there is no by-law prohibiting tobogganing on Murray’s Mountain and even though the hills not insured for it – the ban has never been enforced. Williams says the town will work with its insurance company to allow tobogganing.

“We’re going to be going back with our insurance company to see just what our responsibilities are. How do we resolve this liability issue so people can come out and toboggan?”  

The mayor says he will raise the issue at Monday’s council meeting and is hoping the town will make Murray’s Mountain an official tobogganing hill as soon as possible.