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Three candidates battle for mayor of Ramara Township


The race for the mayor's seat in Ramara Township is heating up as one candidate looks to shake things up.

"When people have problems, they like to be heard, and this community feels like their voice is not heard," said Russ Cole, mayoral candidate.

Cole is a new face on the scene, having moved to the community of more than 10,000 two years ago.

As CEO of an agricultural technology company, Cole feels it's all about building a foundation of trust and transparency.

"There's lack of communication. There is lack of accountability. There is lack of trust, so my number one priority is to open the doors for communication, and I think that that transparency, and record keeping and archiving of information, is so important because it allows us to build," Cole said. "We're a small community and my biggest goal for this community is to put ourselves on the map."

Cole is running against incumbent Basil Clarke, who is seeking a third term.

"We had an image problem here," Clarke said "We were't respected by our neighbours. We weren't respected by the province. We are now."

Clarke pointed to his track record of fiscal responsibility, high-speed internet, and plans to revitalize downtown Brechin, one of the fastest-growing areas in the township.

"The plan is about six months from being completed, had it not been put on hold from COVID, it would have been completed. So we have many exciting projects we just want to finish," Clarke noted.

"I hope people realize the good work I've done leading two successful terms and will give me the opportunity to lead the next successful term," he finished.

Clarke narrowly kept his mayoral title in the last election against Marg Sharpe, winning by a slim 14 votes.

Sharpe is also on the ballot again but declined CTV's request for an interview.

The municipal election is on October 24, with several voting options, including by phone or online, and in-person starting Saturday. Top Stories

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