The signs of spring are all around. The temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, and the pumps are working overtime as water pools on area streets.

In Adjala-Tosorontio, homeowner Russel Kimmerly says the water is dripping through his foundation.

“It has now risen enough that it’s overflowing into my window wells and through the backyard from the field.”

And he’s not alone. His neighbours are in the same situation as basements quickly turn into wading pools.

“I have no idea how much we’ve got. But I know in my basement there are seven-and-a-half inches, and in my garage, there are six,” says Greg Norrie.

Eighty-year-old Ralph Braden has lived on the same street all his life and says he hasn’t seen flooding like this since 1963. He blames the problem on poor drainage.

“There’s a metal grating with little holes for the water to go in. Garbage and ice and everything just plugs up the holes, and everything comes off the hill, and it just drowns the valley.”

In Innisfil, the water has swallowed up the streets forcing the town to close many roads.

Crews have been busy pumping areas on a high-priority basis since Thursday night.

The town advises residents who are experiencing issues to contact the municipality.

With more snow left to melt and rain in the forecast, it could be a while before residents can access the damage.