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Steampunk Festival makes its return to Coldwater


The 12th annual Steampunk Festival wrapped up in Coldwater Saturday.

Back in person for the first time in two years, the festival began on Friday, offering more than 100 vendors, live music and several events.

Attendees donned wizard costumes Friday for the theme 'Magical Night: Transfigured Friday,' which paid homage to Harry Potter.

Some events included hot air balloons, a costume contest and axe-throwing.

Suzy Burtenshaw, Chair of the Coldwater Steampunk Festival, said fans have eagerly awaited the festival's return.

"As you can see, our lovely steampunks, they need to be in person," Burtenshaw says. "They've spent over a year creating fantastic costumes, they liked to be seen, and they like to be photographed."

Steampunk incorporates a futuristic flair to Victorian-era style clothing.

While dressing up was encouraged, it wasn't mandatory. Top Stories

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