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Spreading positivity through 'notes of encouragement'


A local charity is calling on people to embrace their creative side this month to help provide a smile to someone going through a challenging time.

Uplifting Blessings is marking International Creativity Month by asking for letters as part of its 'Notes of Encouragement' program. The program provides notes of kindness to people going through difficult times.

"This cause is near and dear to my heart because I've been in a situation that has been hard, and seeing cards uplift others has made my whole entire year," says Alicia McLeod.

The program is a year-long initiative open to members of the public. They are included in the charity's bags of hope, suitcases of love and comfort packs that are provided to shelters and long-term care homes throughout the community.

"Seeing the smile on people's faces puts a smile on my face because seeing someone who is vulnerable, as simple as words saying 'you're loved' and seeing a smile go on their face has made my day and other's days," says McLeod.

Cards can be dropped off at Northern Roots Hair Studio.

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