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Son takes stand against his father at murder trial


Michael Sedo took the stand Wednesday as the Crown's final witness in the trial of his father, John Sedo, accused of murdering his wife, Helen, who vanished on July 29, 2020.

The couple's son testified about his parent's troubled marriage, sharing how his father told him about a heated argument between the couple, saying John told him Helen left "in a manic rage, hellbent on divorce."

Michael told the courtroom his father was usually the one to leave after an argument to cool off, calling his mother's alleged departure uncharacteristic.

He disclosed that his parents were on the verge of divorce and had begun selling assets to "disentangle their financial lives" in 2020.

During Wednesday's proceedings, Michael testified he first learned of his mother's disappearance from John about a day after she went missing.

He recalled that was the day he had a job interview, and had tried several times to connect with his parents to no avail, noting he grew concerned for the safety of both his parents, fearing they'd been in a car crash or got lost hiking.

He shared with the court that the last time his mother told him she loved him was via text on July 28, 2020, while wishing him luck with his interview.

The court learned John told his son following Helen's disappearance that he had gone north to their property in Huntsville to clear his head and retrieve his dirt bike before returning home to Aurora.

It was in the hours and days that followed Helen's disappearance Michael testified he became increasingly concerned for his mother's well-being and that he told his father he should call the police to file a missing persons report.

He said John was "resistant to call," saying he felt doing so would be an overreaction.

Two months later, York Regional police charged John with second-degree murder in his wife's death.

Helen's SUV was found three months after she disappeared destroyed by fire in a forest near Huntsville. 

Her body has never been found.

The trial will resume on Thursday with the defence presenting its case. Top Stories

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