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Simcoe County Rovers prepare for biggest game of lives


It was picture and media day for the Simcoe County Rovers on Wednesday as they get ready for the biggest game of their lives.

After winning last year's League One Ontario championship, the Rovers earned the right to participate in the upcoming Telus Canadian Championship.

The Rovers' first opponent will be TFC.

"Getting to play TFC is a dream come true in a situation like this. It's tough because you want to play the best of the best, and when you get the best of the best in a tournament like this, it's both eye-opening, but it's also very exciting," says Justin Thomas with the Rovers.

The Rovers practiced in the rain this morning in Aurora. Their focus now is on the upcoming game against TFC and the opportunity that lies ahead.

"We are super excited. I think we have worked hard for this opportunity, and I think we just have to showcase ourselves and get the best of it," says Cameron Dasilva with the team.

The club has a couple of new faces, but the core of the team is back to defend its title.

The team is aware that the game represents a lot more than an opportunity for the players. The team's head coach says this kind of success could benefit the sport and the community moving forward.

"It's an exciting opportunity for every inspiring athlete in the City of Barrie and every young soccer player that understanding there are opportunities out there, you know, to reach the next level, and it's a good eye opener to see we are able to compete with the best and be part of a competition that allows us to do that," says head coach Zico Mahrady.

"It's two teams on the same field with the same ball. It's another game we can't really play to the occasion because none of us have been in a game like that, so it's more play it as if it's another regular-season game," says Thomas.

The big game between the Rovers and TFC is next Wednesday at BMO Field in Toronto. Tickets are still available. Top Stories

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