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Shaw's Maple Syrup records unprecedented early start to season


As winter begins to thaw and the signs of spring emerge, maple syrup producers across the region are preparing for a new season of sap collection and boiling.

This year's season is off to an unprecedented start for Shaw's Maple Syrup.

According to owner Tom Shaw, this year marks the earliest they have ever boiled maple syrup.

"The daytime temperatures have been very warm, and the sunshine and there is not a lot of snow in the bush, so the trees are warming up quickly, and the sap is coming very early," he explained, adding that 10 years ago they wouldn't have started before mid-March.

Shaw's Maple Syrup has been tapping the same bush since 1904.

Before this year, the earliest they started was in 2020, on February 21.

"We've never had a season this early, and not only is it early but is a large quantity of sap already," Shaw added.

Over the past two days, the team collected 6,000 litres of sap to boil into sweet, sticky maple syrup.

The pancake house at Shaw's will be open as usual this Family Day weekend for visitors. Top Stories

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