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Robinson's General Store in Dorset to reopen under new ownership


The future of Robinson's General Store will continue with new owners preparing to reopen the iconic shop after it suddenly closed in January.

The Dorset store opened in 1921 and had become a fixture in the community, with cottagers and locals reliant on its supplies.

New owner Venkata Kommina plans to reopen the general store and get it completely stocked with all the necessities as summer approaches.

"They can't drive every time to Huntsville and Bracebridge to get groceries and needs, so they have to shop here. I know it's a 100-year thing, so everyone knows the store as well," he said.

Kommina added they would need to hire 30 to 60 people to once again get the general store fully functional.

In 2021, the Robinson family sold the general store, which acted as a one-stop shop for clothes, groceries and hardware in cottage country to Mike and Katie Hinbest.

Then in January, the Hinbest's were forced to close its doors, to the disappointment of locals.

"It's killed downtown Dorset. There's hardly any traffic. The other businesses have suffered dramatically," said Brad Robinson, former owner of Robinson's General Store.

Robinson knew he had to buy the store back until he could find new owners who recognized the need in the community.

Kommina hopes to reopen on Friday with essentials like bread and milk until he can fully stock the shelves. Top Stories

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