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Residents rally after approval of new multi-purpose field along Barrie's waterfront


There has been a lot of talk about the new multi-purpose field that will be built along Barrie's waterfront, but only some in Barrie are excited about the latest addition.

Nearly 30 deputations were made from both sides in that meeting two weeks ago before the council approved the project.

Opposing residents rally outside Barrie City Hall following approval of new multi-purpose field on May 29, 2024.

On Wednesday, opposing residents rallied outside City Hall before the meeting.

While many express support for a multi-purpose field, they oppose its waterfront location and criticize the lack of public consultation before approval.

A petition against the development garnered over 43 hundred signatures in three weeks.

A petition against the multi-purpose field development garnered over 43 hundred signatures in three weeks.

"Our hope is that we can actually change the council's mind. That perhaps we can maybe just swing for council members to change their vote, reconsider the decision that was made back then, and take another look at this," said protestor Arnie Ivsins.

"Our waterfront is very important to everyone in the City of Barrie, including people that visit our waterfront and our tourism as well. So we're very concerned and we want to have input, and we don't think that due diligence has been done," said Cathy Colebatch from the Allandale Neighborhood Association.

Barrie Mayor Alex Nuttall responded to the protest by saying that staff have been actively working to minimize the project's environmental impact and ensure that the waterfront remains accessible to everyone in the community. Top Stories


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