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Pro-Palestinian rally calls for ceasefire as Israel-Hamas war enters seventh week


Protestors took to city hall in Barrie on Saturday for a pro-Palestinian march, joining thousands of protesters across the province and globe this weekend in calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Throughout the afternoon, more than one hundred people gathered for the fourth rally in Barrie, standing in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

"What first needs to happen is recognition from the Canadian government that we need a ceasefire, and I think that recognition is a big piece there that there's a lot of innocent people who are dying, humanitarian workers who are dying, hospitals are being attacked, refugee camps are being attacked, and people are dying in cold blood right now and the first thing before anything can happen is for the killing to stop," said Shafiq Mohamed, a rally organizer.

More than 12,000 people have been killed since the war began on October 7. Ralliers in Barrie said they were speaking up for those who can't do so right now. They added that they are working to have Barrie Mayor Alex Nuttall and the City raise a Palestinian Flag next weekend. Top Stories

London attack ruling first to recognize terror on grounds of white nationalism

The case of an Ontario man who carried out a deadly attack on a Muslim family was the first to recognize terrorism on grounds of white supremacist ideology and further emphasized that terrorism isn't limited to those who belong to specific groups, experts and observers said after the landmark trial ended this week.

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