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Have Your Say: Barrie invites public feedback on how to spend photo radar revenue


The City of Barrie seeks feedback from residents on how to spend funds generated by its photo radar cameras.

The City launched the controversial program with two automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras late last year and reported about $460,000 in fines were issued from December to March. After rental and other operational fees, the City retained roughly half that amount.

Officials say the cameras have effectively slowed motorists in community safety zones.

In June, councillors approved adding two more photo radar cameras with $10,000 generated from the program.

Now, the City wants residents to provide input by completing a survey on how any revenue surplus from the program should be used to enhance road safety programs.

The one-question survey asks residents to choose up to three of the 13 options listed, including adding more ASE cameras, adding more police officer cutouts, and examining lowering speed limits in residential areas.

The City says revenue created by fine payments from the ASE program is also used to offset the cost of the cameras, including the leases, signs, provincial offences officer salaries, and office expenses.

"The victim fine surcharge portion of the fine is submitted to the Province like any other ticket offence," the City noted.

The two new locations for the mobile cameras are on Prince William Way in front of Saint Gabriel, and on Friday, a second camera will be placed along Little Avenue by Assikinak Public School.

With files from CTV's Rob Cooper Top Stories

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