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Patients with minor ailments can book online for quicker care in RVH emergency department

The emergency department at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, Ont. (CTV News) The emergency department at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, Ont. (CTV News)

Patients seeking medical attention for minor ailments can access care through an online booking portal with Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH).

RVH is broadening the range of services offered through its Minor Ailment Patient Pathway (MAPP) booking portal to patients with simple lacerations, uncomplicated urinary infections, and uncomplicated skin infections starting Tuesday.

"The system is designed to help patients assess the urgency of common medical concerns, allows the public to help prevent [emergency department] ED overcrowding, and still receive timely medical care," said Dr. Christopher Zanette, RVH chief of emergency medicine.

The MAPP was launched nearly one year ago and has since added other minor conditions, including cold, flu and respiratory symptoms.

"As of May 22, more than 3,200 patients have been treated through the ED MAPP with the average time between being seen by the doctor and leaving the health centre at 1.5 hours," RVH noted.

The service does not operate on weekends or holidays, and is available at both the Barrie hospital and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.

Outside of the MAPP system, patients can seek care at a local walk-in clinic or with their primary care physician. Top Stories

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