Canada Day celebrations may have wrapped up, but Canada 150 tributes continue across the region.

One man has been working on a patriotic display on his lawn since February, and making it helped him through a tough time.

Keith Huyers lawn is covered in life size figures from the Canadian Coat of Arms. The former builder put together the display with plywood and wire, and included flags from confederation and a unique floral display.

Huyer was recently diagnosed with cancer. He made the display while going through chemotherapy treatment.

“I’ve always been interested in Canadian history, so I wanted to do the coat of arms,” he says. “In between the chemo treatment, I’d have some good weeks. It also really helped me to cope with the cancer, cause it gave me something totally different to think about.”

Huyer immigrated to Canada from Holland in the 1940’s. He says he made the display because he is extremely proud to be a Canadian.