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Student bands from across Ontario are in Orillia for a unique music festival


The music festival at Orillia Secondary School (OSS) unites student bands from across Ontario in a unique opportunity to showcase their talent and compete with their peers.

Sponsored by the Ontario Band Association and Music-Fest Canada, the festival brings together 36 different bands from about 15 schools across the province.

The three-day event is the first time since the pandemic student bands have been able to play together in person.

"Most of the time in music, students hear what's happening in our own school and mainly in their own class, or in their own environment, their own band. This is providing them an opportunity to hear students from all over Ontario," noted Laura Lee Matthie, a music teacher at OSS.

The festival offers a variety of music, from concert to jazz bands, and includes workshops for students to enhance their skills.

The adjudication process will determine which bands qualify to compete in the nationals.

The music festival at OSS started Wednesday and wraps up Friday. Top Stories

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