BARRIE -- Some non-essential workers in Cottage Country are feeling pressured to go back to work just weeks after the Ford Government presented its list of essential and non-essential businesses.

Bracebridge mayor, Graydon Smith, says he's received concerns from people who are feeling anxious to head back out into the workforce, even though they shouldn't.

"I am getting notes every day from concerned employees and concerned business people that they really don't want to be going out there anymore," says the mayor, who mentions people who open cottages for a living as an example.

"They feel the pressure that they have to because their competitors won't stop going, or they feel pressure if they don't respond (that) they'll just lose that revenue forever."

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman says the concerns aren't just limited to Cottage Country.

"I mean, we have had occasions when businesses have been told they have to close by law," says Lehman. "They are trying to keep something going on the side, and they can't. I think it is frustrating for people."

Lehman points to other countries that have been able to bend the curve and suggest it will take a nationwide effort to pull it off.