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Newmarket woman competes in new reality murder mystery-style series


Newmarket resident Dr. Nazila Dehghani has been a dentist for 22 years, but this past summer, she traded her periodontal probe for the big screen when she was chosen to be on the CTV reality series 'The Traitors Canada.'

"I just got a phone call. They said we like you, we would like you to be on the show if you're interested," recalled Dehghani.

She said at first, the call came as a shock.

"Honestly, everything happened so quickly. My husband was like, 'This is a total scam. This is not real," she said

After confirming it was, in fact, real, Dehghani packed her things and travelled to Montreal to film the murder mystery-style show.

She was alongside 19 other contestants living together in a historic manor in Montreal.

"I was just kind of thrown in. It was fun, it was exciting, everyone was a little bit nervous when we first arrived to the mansion and got started," she said.

The show pits contestants into two groups - the 'faithful' trying to survive and the 'traitors' working to eliminate other contestants.

"Everything is taken away from you. So you don't have access to your cell phone or the outside world. You're just in the game," the Newmarket woman explained.

Unfortunately, Dehghani was eliminated in the third episode.

"You think they're taking you to breakfast, and then right at the last minute, they said go into confessionals, and there's a note, and it tells you you're dead and off you go," she chuckled.

Still, she said she's grateful for the experience and would love to compete in another reality series.

"I'm a mom, I'm a dentist, I have teenagers. I have a lot of responsibility every day, so this was so out of my comfort zone, and it was fun; it's like being a kid again," she added.

Dehghani watched the series with family and friends and said seeing herself on TV for the first time was surreal.

"It was so weird. Like, oh my gosh, that's me."


The season finale of the Traitors Canada airs Mon. Dec. 4.

Dehghani said she's getting together with the other contestants for a watch party in Toronto. Top Stories

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