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New paramedic station in Bradford aims to improve response times


National Paramedic Services Week kicks off with the opening of a new Paramedic Station in Bradford Ont.

"We are here today (Wednesday) to celebrate the opening of our new Bradford base. This base is 6,200 square feet, and newer for our crews. It allows us to add more ambulances should we need to in the future, and it is more centred in the community than our previous location was," said Sarah Mills, Director in Chief of Paramedic Services.

The grand opening of the new station took place on Wednesday at 480 Miller Park Avenue.

"This base is more centred in the community; it has a bigger footprint for us, and it will allow us for bigger growth as Bradford is one of our biggest growing municipalities," said Mills.

Bradford is relocating all ambulances from the old base to the new one, which will accommodate additional ambulances as the demand grows.

"This base location is giving us quicker response times; it's allowing us to access the more dense populations than we were before," continues Mills.

Mills emphasizes that they were once more of an industrial area but are now at the heart of the community.

As part of their long-term strategy, they can work to establish bases as necessary in response to the municipality's growth and development.

"Improving our response time is improving our ability to be right-centred and giving us the high-profile ability to serve our community. Being able to celebrate this opening during paramedic week is just an added bonus," concluded Mills. Top Stories

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