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New health care opportunity for those experiencing homelessness and needing medical help


Trinity Anglican Church in Barrie now offers a new clinic that provides dignified health care to those experiencing homelessness or needing medical attention.

Compassionate Care without Barriers offers services to anyone without a health care provider, but word of the program is spreading slowly.

Brad Miskenack has been homeless for almost two years and says the program sounds good.

"I don't have a doctor; I don't have any medical or health care, nothing, so that's perfect in case something happens," he said.

The clinic is currently only available on Monday mornings.

Jo-Anne Flood came up with the idea after working with the vulnerable community for years, including the Busby Centre.

"I could see the need just going out handing out sandwiches or whatever, people with coughs and colds and cuts and infections and that type of thing," Flood shared.

Brenda Brown is the nurse practitioner who volunteers for the program.

"See a lot of right now who are just triggering and are just about to fall into homelessness. It's just one paycheck away sometimes if you have someone who can validate your illness, validate that you do have a problem, that goes a long way to healing," said Brown.

Nick French, who once experienced homelessness, believes this program will have a significant impact.

"I think it's huge," he said. "They actually care like Brenda and Jo-Anne. The rest of the people involved they actually care. Lots of people are grateful this is here."

Appointments with Compassionate Care without Barriers can be made via email or by calling 705-417-2763. Top Stories

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