The weight of the 4 feet of snow Muskoka has received since the start of 2015 has been hard on roofs in the region.

Greg Millar from Done Right Property Services says snow higher than a foot and a half should be cleared off of roofs to avoid ice damage.

“Any snow that's from your exterior wall towards the end of your roof should be cleared off at the very least,” he said. “What happens is that you'll have hot air escaping and that snow will melt and cause ice which can back up into your house.”

He says for an average home removing the snow could cost between $300 and $400.

“You’re not going up there to get the snow and the ice right off of the shingles…you’re just getting the weight off. Whirlybirds and sunroofs can get damaged easily if you aren’t careful.”

The Gravenhurst Fire Department also wants people to remember not to cover up any direct fuel-burning appliance vents with snow, because that could create carbon monoxide in the home.