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Mother/daughter duo spread holiday joy to seniors across Simcoe County


An Alliston mother-and-daughter duo who call themselves the 'The Nice Ninjas' is making seniors in Simcoe County feel extra special this holiday season with an initiative that started three years ago.

Shannon Kastner and her daughter Senna started 'The Kindness Project,' and soon shifted their focus to seniors during the holidays.

A mother and daughter duo from Alliston, Ont., compile hundreds of cards to give to seniors during the holidays. (CTV News/Molly Frommer)

"During COVID, I know a lot of people couldn't see their families, and we really felt that - we felt lonely, we were missing people, and we thought that they would be as well, and it just keeps going because you never know if people have family if people can't have visitors. So, we just want to make people smile and know that they're thought about," said Shannon.

The 'Nice Ninjas' create holiday cards and small gift bags for seniors across the region, with the numbers increasing every year.

"I think we started off with probably three centres, and now we're at five or six different centres at least, if not more. Last year was about 560 gifts and cards we were able to get to everybody," Shannon said.

A mother and daughter duo from Alliston, Ont., collect gifts to give to seniors during the holidays. (CTV News/Molly Frommer)

So far, more than 400 cards have been created for residents at various centres in the area, and each bag consists of multiple items.

"We do gloves, hats, candies, crossword puzzles, adult colouring books, coloured pencils, slipper socks and just stuff like that," said Shannon.

One location receiving these gift bags during the holiday season is Aspira Kingsmere Retirement Home in Alliston.

"Quite a few of our resident's families are far away, so the staff and those around them become family, and having someone come in and actually gift them with something and give them that little bit of attention and acknowledgement during the Christmas season. It's something that's very enduring to them, and they certainly love it," said Marlene Robertson with Aspira Kingsmere Retirement Home.

The 'Nice Ninjas' will collect items until December 15 and can be contacted through Facebook or Instagram. The following week, all centres will receive their holiday cards and gifts. Top Stories

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