Officials are hoping a moose that has been running all over Markham will make its way back north.

The moose was first spotted by a CTV News helicopter prancing through an area near Highway 404 on Friday, just after 7 a.m.

“We did have the highway shut down temporarily just when he was on the highway side of the fence,” Schmidt told CP24. “We just don’t want him getting hurt and we certainly don’t want anyone else on the road to get hurt.”

The antlered animal eventually emerged from a grassy area near the Buttonville Airport and galloped along a runway. It then fled into a nearby residential neighbourhood.

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have been working with both York Regional Police and the OPP. They’ve been trying to track the moose and tranquilize it.

“If we don’t stop chasing after it it’s going to die eventually so we want to back off, use our UAV, locate it, let it settle down and get the MNR in there and hopefully they can tranquilize it,” York Regional Police Sgt. Scott Hunter said.

During a news conference on Friday afternoon, a MNRF spokesperson said they know where the moose is and are letting it calm down.

“We're trying to keep it in a place where it's nice and contained and calm. As soon as that animal gets frightened its first reaction is to run so we're trying to keep it where it's safe and the public is therefore safe,” said Emily Funnell, an MNRF spokesperson.

The MNRF and YRP have pulled back significantly since this morning. They are now monitoring the situation and are hoping the moose returns north.

With files from CTV Toronto.