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Mom runs a 27-hour marathon for son with autism


At 27 months, Quinn Mahar was diagnosed with autism.

Now four, his mother, Kelly Mahar has met the challenge head-on, by running hourly marathons to raise money for Autism Ontario’s York Region Camp for Kids with Autism.

"Running is my life," said Mahar, who has run many marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice.

"I wondered how I could put my running towards something good," the Newmarket woman said.

In her second year of running 2.7 kilometres each hour for 27 hours, Mahar is hoping to beat last year's donation of more than $10,000 when she runs it again this Saturday and Su

Mahar will be running outdoors on a measured route surrounding the CrossFit Resurrection gym on Bayview Drive.

"We've mapped out a street surrounding the gym," she said. "We end up running about 75 kilometres."

Mahar says it takes about 15 minutes to run the 2.7 kilometres, and she'll have friends, and family, including her younger sister Kate Rainer running with her as well this year. Top Stories

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