A dozen luxury cars have been impounded after a traffic stop on Highway 400 in Barrie.

More than 20 cars were stopped and taken off the highway at the ONroute, just north of Mapleview Drive on Sunday afternoon.

Police say they received reports of vehicles travelling at 150km/h on sections of Highway 407 and Highway 400.

There were also reports that several vehicles were weaving in and out of traffic and driving on the shoulder.

“We managed to stop a large number of these vehicles. We didn’t get all of them, but we’re still investigating the other ones,” says OPP Const. Randal Haddrall.

The vehicles include Lamborghinis and Aston Martins. In total, 12 drivers have been charged with stunt driving.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable. There are tracks out there that promote racing, speeding and crashing cars. You can easily access them. It doesn’t cost that much. So if you want to race, you want to drive your car and smash it up or whatever, that’s the place to do it.”

No injuries are reported.