BARRIE -- Whether it's a hot cup of earl grey tea or a fresh-baked steak pie, if it's British, it's on the menu at Campbell's Tea room in Barrie along with any news about the Royal Family.

The queen announced on Monday that she would respect Prince Harry and Meghan's wishes to live independently and split their time between Canada and the UK.

"Realistically, I can't imagine he would be allowed to step away that far, but he has been given some grace to try and find his feet, and you know what he is a human being and at the end of the day he has a family," said Brendan Mulholland from Campbell's Tea Room.

In an interview today, the prime minister said Canadians are very supportive of the royals, but there are still lots of discussions to have as far as costs go.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation launched a petition opposing any support for the Sussexes while the local chapter of The Monarchist League of Canada is ready to receive the prince at face value.

"He said they want to withdraw from official duties. He said they do not want to be supported by public funds. So I think we should take home at his word," said Tony Keenen, Monarchist League of Canada

In a press release, the queen said these are complex matters for the Royal family to resolve, and there is some more work to be done, but some final will be reached in the coming days.