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Have an e-bike? Here's what riders need to know before hitting the roads


Police say there is an emerging popularity with e-bikes, and drivers of the small, economical vehicles need to know the rules of the roads before heading out for a ride.

Police issued a release on Friday, noting several regulations required for anyone riding an electric-powered bike, including being at least 16 years of age, wearing a helmet (can be a bicycle or motorcycle helmet), and understanding the requirements for carrying a passenger.

E-bike operators may have someone along for the ride if the bike is equipped with a second seat and foot pedals.

All e-bikes must have a label affixed by the manufacturer noting it complies with regulations, steering wheel handlebars, pedals operable to propel the bike, be designed to travel on no more than three wheels, and not be capable of providing further assistance when attaining a speed of 32 kilometres per hour.

While e-bikes are allowed on roads with a speed limit of 80km/h or under, they are slower-moving vehicles and must move to the right, close to the curb, for passing cars.

E-bike drivers are not required to have a driver's licence, permit, licence plate or insurance. However, anyone suspended from driving cannot operate one using the motor, instead they must use the pedals, like a bicycle. Top Stories

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