90-year-old Adrien Gervais of Springwater Township has been nicknamed “Pumpkinhead” by his neighbours.

He’s hoping his 1400 pound pumpkin will be a winner at the annual “Pumpkinfest” in Port Elgin.

Growing big pumpkins has been a passion of his after he won first prize at Pumpkinfest in 1999.

“The mother and father of this pumpkin both weighed over 1700 pounds … and maybe I've got 1700 pounds. I don't know,” says Gervais.

He says he’s taking very good care of his pumpkin.

He waters it, feeds it manure, tucks it in at night with a blanket, and even talks to it.

Gervais will be taking the pumpkin to the Port Elgin competition on October 4th.

Last year’s winning pumpkin at Pumpkinfest weighed in at 1600 pounds.