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Georgian College vet clinic offers hands-on learning and affordable services


The veterinarian technician program at Georgian College in Barrie is a tough one to get into.

"In a typical year, we probably have 500 to 600 applicants for 60 spots, so yeah, it's tough to get in" says Sue Macneal, program coordinator for the Vet Tech Program at the college.

The Georgian College veterinary hospital is located on the Orillia campus in a stand-alone building and offers spaying, neutering, and dental services at a lower cost.

"What we are teaching them to be is the right-hand person to the veterinarian, so an integral member of the veterinary team that would learn to anesthetize animals and assist with surgeries and some dental procedures," says Macneal.

Kim Getty brought her border collie to the clinic this week to be neutered.

"The difference for me is there are students working, so there's a constant learning in the facility here, and I just think it's a great opportunity for students to learn," says Geddy.

The cost is often cheaper than off-campus; however, the hospital will only take on young, healthy animals with good temperaments.

For the students participating in the program, it's a hands-on practical approach to learning.

"We get to get all of the knowledge. We get more hands-on practice like surgeries and dentistry," says student Andrea Jimenez.

High school students interested in applying for the two-year program will want to ensure they have biology, chemistry and math on their resume. The program runs for two years out of the Orillia campus. Top Stories

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