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Draws for Paws 50/50 draw jackpot nears $40,000


The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society 50/50 Draws for Paws lottery is on just in time for the holidays, with a jackpot rapidly approaching $40,000.

"All the money raised from this goes across our 13 animal centres across Ontario and into our communities to help our spay and neuter clinic, our food distribution, our humane education, and also our animal transfers," explained Shannon Laflamme with the Barrie OSPCA.

Tickets will be sold to those 18 and older in Ontario.

The cost is $10 for 10 tickets, $20 for 40 tickets and $40 for 350 tickets.

The jackpot amount displayed on the website is the total amount to be won by the Grand Prize winner, which is 50 per cent of ticket sales, the Ontario SPCA noted.

The grand prize draw will happen on Wed., Dec. 20, at 10 a.m. using an electronic raffle system. Top Stories


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