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DNA of Abad Shire and Ryan Babineau found on getaway car, expert testifies


Warning: Details in this article may be disturbing to some readers.

The Crown kept its focus on forensics for a second day at the trial of Abad Shire, accused of stabbing Ryan Babineau to death in November 2019 in his downtown Barrie apartment.

On Tuesday, a forensic scientist testified about examining DNA collected from a Mazda used by the accused and two others on the morning of Babineau's death.

The expert witness told the court that a mixed blood sample found on the passenger-side door belonged to the victim and Shire.

The witness went a step further, adding that the DNA sample collected from one of four blood-stained areas was 19 trillion times more likely Shire and Babineau's DNA than the combination of any other two people.

The Crown submitted an agreed statement of facts to the court, noting that Shire, Tyler Wren, and Cory Greavette used a grey Mazda on November 16, 2019, and drove to Huntsville before splitting up.

Surveillance video entered as evidence by the Crown showed what appeared to be the vehicle pulling up near Babineau's Dunlop Street apartment around 7 a.m. and leaving roughly 12 minutes later.

The court heard police arrested Shire in North Bay with injuries to his hand and fingers.

A knife found at the scene was sampled for DNA, but the sample collected couldn't be traced back to Shire.

On Monday, a forensic pathologist who examined Babineau's body concluded he died of blood loss after suffering nearly 70 stabs and lacerations, including 11 deep, sharp-force injuries to major organs.

Last week, a witness testified Babineau was stabbed in front of a group of people in his apartment by Shire, whom she knew as Jeremy. She told the court the accused had previously sold her drugs and, after the stabbing, threatened to kill the witnesses and their families if they spoke of what had happened.

The defence argued that the witness had inconsistencies in her story and told the jury her memory and testimony were unreliable.

The allegations against the accused have not been proven in court.

The trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday. Top Stories

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