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'David's Belly Button Buddy' book deals with childhood anxiety


A new children's book called "David's Belly Button Buddy" was written to help children deal with anxiety in a fun, relatable manner.

Growing up can lead some children to feel anxious. In Canada, upwards of 20 per cent of children and youth can expect to deal with anxiety.

Author Leslie Hughes said the book's main character, David, is based on the author's real-life son, David, who, as a child, lived with anxiety.

In the book, David finds comfort in the fluff he discovers in his little belly button.

The calming realization of the discovery and the humour it leads to is designed to educate and assist young people.

"I hope they can find something to hold onto that helps them get through any times that they feel nervous, and if it takes belly button fluff named Bernard to do that, so be it," Hughes said.

Hughe's son David is now a child youth worker helping others.

You can meet Hughes on March 9 at a book signing at the Allandale Recreation Centre in Barrie. Top Stories

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