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CTV Barrie welcomes wood-carved bear to garden set


There has been a bear sighting in the garden at CTV Barrie.

CTV's weather specialist, KC Colby, introduced the yet-to-be-named wood-carved black bear during CTV News at 6 on Thursday.

"I think we need to have a contest," KC said. "Let's see what [names] we get."

CTV weather specialist KC Colby and the newest addition to the CTV Barrie garden set, a wood-carved black bear. (CTV News/KC Colby)

While news anchor Dana Roberts suggested Coop, many other viewers quickly sent in their recommendations, including Yogi, Smokey, Weasley the Weather Bear, and Sunshine - for KC and the Sunshine Bear.

A few viewers also suggested naming the sculpture after the late Bob McIntyre, the station's longtime weather specialist who spent many years in the garden where KC now gives the forecast.

A wood-carved black bear joins the CTV Barrie garden set on Thurs., May 16, 2024. (CTV News/KC Colby)

Once the name has been decided, it will be announced live on CTV News at 6. Top Stories


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