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Crown makes bold accusations in John Sedo murder trial


Crown Attorney Jeanaha Kim made bold accusations in a Newmarket courtroom on Tuesday during her closing submissions, suggesting John Sedo killed his wife, Helen, after a heated argument, dumped her body, and burned any proof.

With its case relying heavily on circumstantial evidence, the Crown told the courtroom Sedo got violent with his wife on the night of July 29, 2021, at the couple's Aurora home, then devised a plan to make it appear that she left him.

The Crown focused on how he went to the bank at 10:39 p.m. that same night to withdraw $500 in cash, something it said wasn't part of his usual behaviour and told the courtroom he did so to avoid a digital trail.

In the hours that followed, the Crown said Sedo picked up his wife's SUV from the mechanic and then put her body inside.

Kim argued Sedo picked up his car with a trailer carrying his dirt bike and headed north to the family property in Huntsville, accusing Sedo of purposely leaving his cell phone at home to avoid being traced and to cover his forensic and digital footsteps, calling him a "methodical man."

Sedo's cell phone was turned off for 13 hours, the Crown said, between July 31 and August 1.

Surveillance footage shown in the courtroom captured Sedo purchasing gas, which the Crown suggested he used to burn his wife's body and any evidence.

Helen's SUV was found three months after she disappeared in a dense forest near Huntsville destroyed by fire.

Witnesses described Sedo's reluctance to report Helen missing, telling the court he felt it was an overreaction, which the Crown proposed was to buy him time to get rid of her body.

He notified the authorities about his wife's disappearance two days after she went missing, telling the 911 dispatcher Helen left "in a complete rage" and that it was "really unlike her" to spend nights away from home.

Loved ones testified the couple was on the brink of divorce.

Her cell phone and passport were found at the couple's home.

During his closing argument, the defence told the jury it must acquit, pointing to the circumstantial evidence, adding, "This is the stuff of wrongful convictions."

The defence suggested what happened to Helen is a mystery, telling the jury of seven women and five men, "and it's not on your shoulders to solve this mystery."

The defence highlighted the lack of proof that his client torched Helen's vehicle, telling the courtroom it was more likely someone else was responsible, suggesting the police focused on the husband and that was a mistake.

Helen's body has never been found.

John Sedo faces a charge of second-degree murder.

With closing submissions wrapped up, the judge will finish instructing the jury on Wednesday before it begins deliberations.

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