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County council decides against stricter measures for organics program

County of Simcoe curbside collection. (Rob Cooper/CTV News) County of Simcoe curbside collection. (Rob Cooper/CTV News)

A County of Simcoe staff proposal to introduce strict measures to push residents to participate in the organics program has been rejected.

During a meeting on Tuesday, County council defeated the motion, which would have seen a new, tougher program implemented to ensure residents put their organic material in the proper bin rather than in their garbage.

County staff suggested that garbage carts should only be collected if an organics cart is curbside, and anyone seeking an exemption from the organics program would have to use clear garbage bags that could be inspected.

The motion was brought forward after a recent audit revealed nearly half of the waste in garbage carts didn't belong there and that one-quarter of residents weren't participating in the organics program each week.

Following Tuesday's meeting, County Warden Basil Clarke emphasized finding other ways to support residents' waste disposal habits, "including investing in further education and awareness about proper waste diversion."

"For now, it's important for us to continue to work on encouraging our residents to properly utilize our organics program and get them to roll out their green carts on a regular basis," Clarke stated. Top Stories

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