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Colts player Brandt Clarke returns to Barrie after battling for gold with Team Canada


Barrie Colts defenceman Brandt Clarke is back on the ice at the Sadlon Arena after helping Team Canada battle its way to a gold medal win at the World Juniors.

"Everyone kind of dreams of that moment, and it was kind of special for me, and the atmosphere in that building made it even crazier," said Clarke. "That was a moment I was looking forward to my entire life."

The Colts player said there were several memorable moments from the tournament that he shared with his family.

"When we hoisted the trophy, and we got the medal, it was all a culmination of what we worked for," Clarke continued. "I kind of ran up and saw my parents, hugged my parents, hugged my extended family from Winnipeg, my sister was there. It was a cool moment that I got to share with them."

Colts Head Coach Marty Williamson was one of the first to congratulate and welcome Clarke back to the team.

"There's a lot of great hockey players out there, and they were nip and tuck to win that gold," Williamson noted. "Brandt was part of that game-winning goal, and that is what it takes to win gold medals."

Clarke has his sights set on his future.

"The goal is to be in LA for the next decade-plus, and you know that's what I'm going to try and do next September as soon as the season ends. That's where all my focus is going to be, but for the next couple of months, I'm just going to do what I do down here," he added.

Clarke said his goal now is to lead the Barrie Colts to the playoffs and, hopefully, the Memorial Cup. Top Stories

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