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Colleagues jumped into life-saving action when Midland councillor collapsed at town meeting


When Midland Town Councillor Jim Downer suddenly collapsed during a meeting Wednesday evening, two of his colleagues didn't hesitate to jump into immediate action.

Fellow Councillor Sheldon East first noticed Downer slumped in his chair and called for help while Fire Chief Richard Renaud, who was attending his first town meeting, rushed over with the council chamber's defibrillator.

An unconscious Downer was moved to the floor, where East immediately started CPR.

The defibrillator was applied on Downer but ultimately wasn't necessary.

Officials say that within minutes of the 911 call, Midland firefighters, OPP, and Simcoe County paramedics arrived and took over first aid.

According to Renaud, Downer regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

The fire chief commended East for his actions "during this unforeseen incident."

"The quick actions of Councillor East, along with the rapid response by all three emergency services, gave Councillor Downer a fighting chance. Councillor East not only recognized that councillor Downer was in distress, he also actively performed CPR," said Renaud.

"I will credit Jim's revival to the joint and immediate efforts of Councillor East and Fire Chief Renaud. Nobody could ask for a better chance at survival than what I witnessed last night," said Mayor Bill Gordon.

"Jim clearly has a guardian angel watching over him," the mayor added.

CTV News has since learned Downer is awake, alert and in stable condition at Georgian Bay General Hospital with his family at his side. Top Stories

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