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City of Barrie reports one of the worst pothole season yet


As the temperature rises in Barrie, so does the return of an annual nuisance, pothole season.

The unseasonably mild weather this February has motorists once again grappling with the aftermath of freeze-thaw cycles wreaking havoc on the roads.

"I try to avoid it, but it's hard. I try, and if you're holding a coffee, it's really all over the place," said Barrie resident Pearl Chow.

The City of Barrie reminds drivers that the roller coaster weather conditions this winter has created the perfect receipt for potholes.

City crews are out this week, filling in as many as they can.

"We usually get told to load up and go on a seek and destroy mission to try and find all the potholes," says road crew worker Christian Dean.

The City uses a hot and cold mix to fill the holes.

Crews work to fill potholes on a street in Barrie, Ont., on Thurs., Feb. 22, 2024. (CTV News/Rob Cooper)

"We're busy. We have two crews out during the day time, and they're putting down about a ton of asphalt replacement every time they go out, and then during the evenings, we've got two or three crews going out as well doing the same thing," says Craig Morton with the City of Barrie.

Last year, the City filled just over 12,000 potholes, and that number could rise by the end of this year.

Tire repair shops have been flooded with people reporting bent or damaged rims and tires.

"Pretty much every day we will get a rim repair in," says Chantelle Vroom with Superior Tire and Auto in Barrie.

Residents can notify the City of Barrie about street potholes online or by calling Service Barrie. Top Stories


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