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City introduces new parking pay stations to enhance convenience and security

Parking pay stations in Barrie Ont. (City of Barrie) Parking pay stations in Barrie Ont. (City of Barrie)

The City of Barrie is upgrading parking pay stations to make them more convenient and secure for users.

Payment upgrades will now include credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

The new payment system aligns with payment card industry security standards, providing enhanced protection against fraudulent activities for both the City and parking users.

Parking Operations will replace 18 pay station devices this month.

Drivers who do not have tap functionality can pay by cash or use the HotSpot parking app to pay for parking. Digital parking through the HotSpot parking app remains available in these areas during the service change.

New pay stations will be implemented at the Southshore Community Centre, Tiffin Boat Launch, Lakeshore Drive, North Victoria Parking Lot, North Centennial Boat Launch, Marina Parking Lot, Lakeshore Drive Lot, Spirit Catcher Lot, Heritage Park, and Queens Park Area.

Parking pay station device upgrades are scheduled to be completed by 2026. Top Stories

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