Dozens of cadets from Barrie were enjoying the view from a glider 2500 feet in the air on Sunday as they looked to earn their wings at CFB Borden.

“My intended career path is to be a military pilot,” says Cadet Kenneth Vey.

For now Vey from Barrie Squadron 102 and dozens of other cadets are content to learn how to fly – the same as another famous Canadian did.

“Of course most people know Commander Chris Hadfield and he got his start as an Air Cadet flying these same gliders,” Commander Stefan Chambers with the Central Ontario Gliding Centre.

The Air Cadet program is the largest federally funded program in the country and glider pilot Molly Gibson says earning your wings is tough and the toughest part is learning to land the craft.

“In a glider you only have one shot at landing.”

Gibson remembers the first time she went up in a glider because it was the first time she ever flew.

“It was a completely new experience and from that moment I knew I wanted to fly myself.”

But before she learned how to fly – Molly learned to do everything else to with gliding.

“It also teaches them about teamwork. When you go out on the flight line here – there are all sorts of people working to keep this machine running,” adds Chambers.

Air Cadet Vay says he hopes to get his glider pilot’s licence soon because once you’re air born you never want to end.

“When the pilot takes off and gives me the control that’s a big step for me. It’s a confidence boost for me because I just love flying – I want to do it every day.”

And while Vey could get his licence as soon as this summer – Maryl Gibson’s shirt proves she’s a real gliding fan. The 15-year-old says she’s counting down the days till her 16th birthday and when her gliding pilot lessons can begin.

“I’m so looking forward to it…I’m ready!”

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