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Barrie shooting suspect makes court appearance after weeks on the run


A man who spent several weeks on the run and was listed as "armed and dangerous" is behind bars, facing multiple charges in connection with a shooting in Barrie last month.

Police say Timothy White, 21, was arrested on Friday in Hamilton and is charged with attempted murder, pointing a firearm, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

"It's very good news that we were able to locate and, with the assistance of R.O.P.E., arrest this individual," said Jennett Mays, Barrie Police Services.

Police say on April 22, a group of people got into an altercation with a 45-year-old Barrie man on a Letitia Heights catwalk between Leacock Drive and Kipling Place, leaving him with several gunshot wounds and fighting for his life.

Police believe the shooting was an isolated incident.

Three other suspects, Curtis Prince, Jayson Espinosa-Bermeo and Meghan Steadman, all in their 20s, are also charged with attempted murder and other offences.

All three have since been granted bail.

Curtis Prince and Meghan Steadman were released Friday, May 5, 2023 with sureties after spending two weeks behind bars for attempted murder in a Barrie shooting. (Mike Arsalides/CTV News)

In a Barrie courtroom Monday, White told the court he was trying to hire a lawyer to represent him.

The circumstances discussed in court remain part of the evidence protected by a publication ban.

White, who police say also goes by the names Logan or Low, is scheduled to make another court appearance from jail in Penetanguishene on Tuesday.

The allegations against the accused parties have not been tested in court. Top Stories

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