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Minor hockey player raises money to support ALS research


Local minor hockey player Caden Campbell has been doing something special to honour his late grandmother.

She passed away from ALS last year, which inspired Campbell to start a Buck-A-Puck for ALS fundraiser in the fall.

The 11-year-old has since raised over $2,300 in support of the ALS Canada Research Program.

"I was inspired to raise money for ALS, so less people have to go through ALS like my nana did," Caden stated.

"It was her dying wish to push for that... to advocate and grow awareness of it," revealed Caden's father, Carey Campbell. "[Caden] pushed real hard. He does it through his Instagram stories and a number of ways."

"It's a big accomplishment, and I think my dad would be proud that I did that for her," Caden added.

His father concurred. "I'm proud of him. Big time."

Caden hopes to reach the 3-thousand dollar mark by the time his campaign ends at the end of February.

But on Saturday afternoon, National Training Rinks in Barrie donated an ice slot for Caden to share with two Buck-A-Puck co-founders.

"We started this charity because our coach passed away from ALS, and it was definitely really devastating," stated Josh Lopez, one of the 14-year-old co-founders. "We wanted to do something in his honour."

Since its 2022 inception, Buck-A-Puck has raised over $130,000 in support of the ALS Society of Canada.

"I feel really proud," said Liam Muffitt, one of the other co-founders. "Caden and his family have done a really great job in raising money and helping support Buck-A-Puck."

The third co-founder, George Daly, could not attend the private ice session. The three young teenagers all played minor hockey together in Toronto.

"These little athletes are showing that you can use sport to make a difference," said Liam's mother, Heather Muffitt.

Josh and Liam agreed that the sky is the limit regarding how much Buck-A-Puck can raise to support ALS research.

They even hope to receive support from the National Hockey League someday. Top Stories

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