A dermatologist based in Barrie for more than 30 years is facing serious allegations including sexual assault.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is now investigating after four patients of Dr. Rod Kunynetz came forward saying the dermatologist assaulted them. The alleged crimes happened between 1999 and 2013.

A document released by the college explains the allegations. To protect the identity of the complainants, patients were only referred to by a letter.

Patient "A" says the doctor was sexually abusive. The patient said she "wasn't given a proper cover or gown" and without warning or consent, the doctor moved her underwear "in order to look at her genital area and breasts."

Patient "B" said the doctor "touched her breasts in an inappropriate and sexual manner." Patient "C" and "D" both say the doctor "rubbed and pressed his genitals against them."

Right now the matter is before the discipline committee of the college. The allegations have not been proven and while the proceedings are underway, the doctor is allowed to keep practicing.

However, there are now restrictions on his licence, which means:

  • The doctor is not allowed to treat female patients of any age or even be alone in a room with them unless a female practice monitor is present.  That person has to be approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
  • He also has to keep a patient log book and submit that to the college every month.
  • A notice about these rules has to be put up in the waiting and examination rooms.

The alleged victims could also file lawsuits in the courts. As of Monday, there are no pending cases in the Ontario court system against Kunynetz.

CTV News went to his office in Barrie on Monday, but he did not come out or give a statement. Notices were up in the office and the waiting room was packed with people.

However, Kunynetz’s lawyer, Matthew Sammon, tells CTV News via email, “Dr. Kunynetz vehemently denies the allegations, and intends to vigorously defend against them.”

The current allegations are only with the college that regulates doctors and if the allegations end up being true, the college could take away his licence.

There is no date set for the hearing, but it's expected to happen within the next year.