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Aurora man faces trial for alleged murder of missing wife not seen since 2020


The trial of John Sedo, the man accused of second-degree murder in the disappearance of his wife, Helen Sedo, in 2020, got underway in a Newmarket courtroom on Monday, with the Crown calling on Helen's brother.

Louie Goziotis told the court his sister was "like a mother figure" to him and that she had confided to him concerns about her marriage to John being troubled. He testified that in the days before she went missing, her husband was being difficult, adding, "They weren't getting along."

Goziotis said Helen told him she didn't know if she and John could work out their differences after nearly 35 years of marriage. "They'd have to split some of their assets," he testified.Helen Sedo, 61, of Aurora, Ont., was last seen on July 29, 2020, leaving her home. (York Regional Police)

Suspecting foul play, York Regional Police arrested and charged John two months after Helen's disappearance despite never having found her body.

The accused claimed Helen left after a heated argument, but her family disputes this, citing her phone and passport left at home and no contact since her disappearance.

Her husband told police Helen Sedo, 61, was last seen driving away from her Aurora home. Three months later, hunters discovered her burned SUV in a dense forest near Williamsport Road, northeast of Huntsville.

Hunters find Helen Sedo's burned-out car northeast of Huntsville on Oct. 13, 2020, months after the Aurora woman's disappearance. (Supplied)

The trial is slated for four weeks and is scheduled to resume Tuesday with further testimony from Helen Sedo's brother.

The allegations against John Sedo have not been tested in court. Top Stories

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