BARRIE, ONT. -- Nearly three months after 61-year-old Helen Sedo drove away from her Aurora home and disappeared, hunters found her burned-out SUV.

York Regional Police said the discovery was made in a quarry, through a dense forest near Williamsport Road, northeast of Huntsville Oct. 13.

Map of Helen Sedo's car

Helen Sedo is presumed to be dead, though her remains have not been found. Her husband, 61-year-old John Sedo, is charged with second-degree murder.

John Sedo

The Sedo family owns property in the Huntsville area, but it isn't clear how close it is to where the SUV was found.

Investigators haven't said how long it may have been in the wilderness or how it got there.

"We are hoping that anyone familiar with the area may have noticed something unusual or suspicious between the months of August and September, "said Const. Lisa Moskaluk. "And perhaps maybe someone in the area has trail cameras that can help us."

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Police plan to erect placards near where the SUV was found to appeal to regular visitors for information.

CTV Public Safety Analyst and former OPP commissioner, Chris Lewis, said where the SUV was found and the state it was in is telling.

"(It) clearly shows that it was intentionally set, likely in an attempt to destroy evidence," Lewis said. "Hair and fibre, DNA, other things that might be in the car...would be destroyed."

Any potential evidence being burned will complicate the investigation, but Lewis explains that forensic experts will salvage whatever they can. They will also search the area around where the vehicle was found.

While investigators have not revealed why they believe Helen Sedo is dead, Lewis explains that they would need to have reliable evidence of her death to lay a murder charge.

Helen Sedo

Helen Sedo's son spoke with CTV Toronto last month following his father's arrest and said, "I guess some small part of me kind of suspected early on that I might not see her again for a whole pile of reasons. I never expected anything like this, though."

Investigators are asking anyone with information or trail cameras that -may have -captured anything suspicious to contact the Homicide Unit Tip Line at 1-866-287-5025, via email, or Crime Stoppers to leave an anonymous tip.