BARRIE -- Today the City of Barrie reached a high of 17 degrees, one of the warmest days we’ve had so far this year.

With the warmer weather, however, comes the itch to go outside and enjoy it.

City officials have been working hard to try to plank the curve for COVID-19 over the past several weeks, but say the warmer temperatures are going to pose a challenge. They're concerned about the influx of people heading to the waterfront, parks and trails despite being closed.

Mayor Jeff Lehman says just because it’s warm outside, doesn’t mean COVID-19 practices aren’t in effect.

“Basically our playgrounds and any structures in parks are closed and the beach itself is closed," says Lehman. "If you are coming to the waterfront, the trails are open, the boardwalk is open, and all the grass is open.”

The city, however, has issued few tickets when it comes to social distancing. Still, Lehman says officers will ticket people of they are gathering in large groups and failing to practice social distancing.

And despite closures, today, the waterfront was packed with people.