The words "bombing" and "knitting" don't usually go in the same sentence but they do today now as a group of knitters starts getting ready for a big event this summer in Penetanguishene.

In a room tucked away at St. Marie Among the Hurons, they sit and knit, planning to "bomb" Discovery Harbour.

“It's good to be a bomber,” says Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady.

A yarn bomber, that is. And it's a good thing, because yarn bombing involves knitting or crocheting sections of yarn together to cover objects. It's all part of this summer’s 200th anniversary of Discovery Harbour – the original British naval and military base in Penetanguishene built to guard upper Canada after the War of 1812.

“This has never been done in a historic site as far as we know, so we're going to be the first to yarn bomb Discovery Harbour,” says Jan Gray at Huronia Historical Parks.

Yarn bombing started as a form of artistic expression back in the 1990s in Texas. Anything can be covered, and Gray has a few ideas of her own.

“We're going to cover some trees, some buildings, perhaps some canons and benches,” she says. “The biggie is Tecumsee.”

That's right, the 124-foot replica warship that is the pride of Discovery Harbour.

And how does the person who will yarn bomb the ship plan to do it? By taking a three-dimensional approach using knitting, crocheting, and patience.

“I can actually mould what I'm making in the moment to the structure of the ship,” says Gorman-Lovelady.

The Spinwright Yarn Factory donated more than 400 pounds of yarn to start the bombing off, and now volunteers are needed to help the cause.

“Now it's an artistic explosion,” she says.

And after the Discovery Harbour "yarn bombing" is over, the pieces will have a second purpose – they will be carefully disassembled and made into blankets for local service organizations and emergency responders to give away.

“People can say that that blanket was on the Tecumsee,” says Gorman-Lovelady. “It's a wonderful piece of history. It’s history creating history.”

To find out how you can become a part of the yarn bombing of Discovery Harbour, check out their website.