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Week-long hybrid electric vehicle master class offered to automotive and truck technicians


Environmental Motorworks and the Auto Prof in Egbert offer a week-long hybrid electric vehicle master class for automotive and truck technicians as more people turn to electric models.

"Hands-on and good work habits are certainly important for this type of work, and it can be dangerous. This is totally new ground for them. We've been dealing with 12 to 24 volts typically. Now they are dealing with 200 to 900 volts depending on the vehicle," says Mike Bailey.

With the surge in demand, there's a push for new and qualified technicians to work on the vehicles.

During the course, students are shown how to safely de-power, review and diagnose various electric and hybrid vehicles. Those behind the training say they are seeing more commercial cars switch to electric, not just those using it for daily use.

"In mining, we see it quite a bit in terms of trying to rescue the amount of emissions and whatnot. You can use battery systems and motor systems that don't need to have a diesel engine running constantly, and it can be very economical," says David Mayers, CEO of Environmental Motor Works.

Rose America of Holland Landing loves her electric vehicle, saying she'll never return to her old model.

"I have the Tesla. I've had it for over a year, and I love it. It runs smoothly, and I don't have to think about gas. I think it's just overall better for the environment," she says.

The course being offered in Egbert is a seven-day course that runs eight hours daily. It's designed to be hands-on so technicians can get an up-close look at everything from the battery to the charging system itself. Top Stories

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