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Wasaga Beach mayor hears from residents over multiple pivotal projects

Many residents turn out for a town hall in Wasaga Beach on Thurs. May 16, 2024 (Steve Mansbridge/CTV News Barrie). Many residents turn out for a town hall in Wasaga Beach on Thurs. May 16, 2024 (Steve Mansbridge/CTV News Barrie).

Many people turned out to the RecPlex in Wasaga Beach on Thursday night as the mayor and councillors opened a dialogue amidst multiple momentous decisions they've made in recent months.

On Thursday, Mayor Brian Smith hosted a town hall. With numerous significant projects on the table, including a major redevelopment of the waterfront and a new high school, the mayor and councillors felt the timing was appropriate.

"Tonight is about sharing what's happening, what council's up to but more importantly to hear from the citizens and to get their questions and answer their questions honestly and let them know what's happening," Smith said to CTV News.

"Sometimes they might not like what they are hearing but it's going to be the truth and that's what's important to this council."

One of the most pivotal ongoing projects is years-long plans to redevelop the town's crown jewel, its waterfront, the world's largest freshwater beach. Smith says the town is at the letter of intent (LOI) stage and is looking to finalize its deal with Fram Building Group.

"We hope to see a sales office open this year and if we have it our way there will be shovels in the ground getting started next year," Smith said. "We've also got a hotel developer at the table who we're having great talks with and we're quite confident that we're going to sign a deal on that as well."

The project is focused around Beach Area 1, but the council hopes that the redeveloped area will significantly boost the tourism sector throughout the town.

Smith also wanted to engage with the public on recent progress towards bringing a new school to the town, which he has said is desperately needed.

Just last week, the province invested over $57 million in the plans for a new K-12 Catholic school, which Smith says is the largest investment it has ever made in a single school.

"There's plans that as the numbers grow, they'll build another elementary school, and it will eventually probably become a complete high school," Smith said. "But in the meantime, it's part of a community hub. The Town of Wasaga Beach put out the information to both boards; the catholic board came to the table very quickly."

Once complete, the new school will be part of the new twin-pad arena and library.  

"That's going to create a very unique situation for the kids in that school to be able to have ice rinks, to be able to have a world class library, and part of that school is going to be a theatre that will seat 300 people that will be shared with the community," Smith said. Top Stories

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