Kelly O'Neill says her neighbours warned her last night that there was a coyote wandering around the neighbourhood.  

Neighbours called animal control and police. O'Neil kept an eye on the animal until an OPP cruiser arrived.

“It just kept hanging around and it wasn't afraid of the vehicle at all, of anything. It was just lurking around looking at the vehicle. It wasn't afraid at all,” O’Neill says.

She says she was shocked by what happened next.

The cruiser bumped the animal as it laid on the road and when it didn't run away the cruiser ran over the animal two more times. As residents looked on, the officer than got out of the car and shot the animal. 

The incident was captured on video and has been shared all over social media. On Facebook, many called for an investigation and disciplinary action against the officer.

“It is sickening to me that they are they men that are supposed to serve and protect our town,” says Jenna Elizabeth on Facebook. “This police officer needs to be held accountable.”

In a brief statement, the OPP said they are aware of the video and are looking into the circumstances surrounding the incident. The statement that the OPP, “remain committed to destruction of wildlife that is an imminent threat to public safety”.

A woman, who only identified herself as Christine, was disturbed by what she witnessed in front of her home last night. However, she says the animal was disoriented and supports the police officer’s actions.

“It was a decision that he had to make. I'm sure it hurt him as much as it hurts us to watch,” says Christine Soti. “He was asked out to help and help he did.” 

On Tuesday afternoon, Scott Klinck, a man who lives just two blocks from the incident, told CTV News he thinks the animal in question was his dog.

“She looks like a coyote, she is 21- years-old. Being blind and deaf, she doesn't respond too well to anything really, so I can see how they mixed the dog up with a coyote because she looks like one. But I think running her over was a bit inhumane.”

‘The remains of the animal are still in the possession of animal control in Collingwood. Klinck hopes to see the remains for himself.

CTV News was unable to confirm whether the animal was a coyote or a dog.

Town officials say they cannot comment on a police investigation.