The two people killed in a double homicide at a Barrie home last week were stabbed to death.

The cause of death was revealed in an autopsy report that was released Tuesday to Barrie police. In the report, the coroner identified that 19-year-old Nick Pasowisty and 51-year-old James Pasowisty were stabbed multiple times.

“We are confirming at this time that both victims died of multiple stab wounds. I don’t have an exact number, but it was significant enough to cause trauma to both of them to cause their death,” says Barrie police Const. Nicole Rodgers.

Investigators spent the weekend collecting evidence from Pasowisty’s William Street home and from the Marcus Street home of accused Dyrrin Daley. Daley has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

“Evidence has been collected and now we’re looking at putting the puzzle together,” Rodger says.

Rodgers also commented on the two 911 calls that were made inside the William Street home last Wednesday, but is remaining mum on details.

“We are aware that it came from inside the residence. Right now we’re breaking down through the investigation who it was who made those calls in order to create that time line.”

Meanwhile, Daley is set to make his next court appearance on Thursday.